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The New United States Infantry Magazine Rifle

The Distribution of Compressed Air in Paris

Specifications for a Proposed Catamaran air Ship for United States Coast Defense

By J. Franklin Cameron

The Chilean Cruiser Blanco Encalada

A Typical Gold Mine

Incline Shaft and Lower Levels

By Arthur Lakes

Wearing away of Metal Plates by the Action of Steam Jets

By J. Walter

The Gas Fields of Indiana

By E. T. J. Jordan

A Farina Factory

On the Presence in Paper of Residual Chemicals used in its Preparation

By Robert Irvine and G. Sims Woodhead

An Improved Still

The Magic Diver

The Arrangement of Dessert Fruit

Chief Sources of Aluminum

A Military Balloon Accident

A Toy Parachute


By W. De W. Abney

The Measurement of Fusing Point Temperatures


By Percival Lowell

The Lowell Observatory — Observations of the Planet Mars during August

The Paris Observatory—The Oldest and Newest Telescopes

Insect Secretions

By E. A. Butler

On Acquired Facial Expression

By Louis Robinson



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