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The Naval Battle of Yalu

The Oil-Burning Locomotive Petrolia

A Typical Gold Mine


By Arthur Lakes

The Invention of Water Gas

Manufacture of Carbon Bisulphide at Zalatna, Hungary

By J. Farbaky

The Chemical Pulp Process

Amateur Chronophotography

Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, Del

Theater Fire Catastrophes and their Prevention

By Wm. Paul Gerhard

Manufacture of Metals of the Alkalies and Alkaline Earths by Electrolysis

By W. Borchers


Lecture III

By W. De W. Abney

Fractional Distillation

By M. Otto

A New Extraction Apparatus

By L. Etaix

A New Sulphureted Hydrogen Apparatus

By J. F. Liverseege

Testing Pyrites

Method of Testing for Albuminuria

By Philip Jaisohn

Sketches in India

The Bronze Age in Europe

Geologies and Deluges

By Sollas



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