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The Imperial Residence at Livadia

The Proposed Deep Waterway from the Great Lakes to the Ocean

By Wendell L. Simpson

Skeleton Construction and the Fire Department

The Manchester-Thirlmere Waterworks

Apparatus for Handling Grain


By Albert B. Herrick

Economical Production of Power by Electrical Driving

Port Arthur

Peruvian Trepanning

By H. C. Hovey

Dr. Viquerat's Treatment of Tuberculosis

By Arthur Gamgee

Alcohol and Happiness

By Justus Gaule

Samuel Hahnemann

By H. P. Holmes

Putting in Place and Adjusting the Object Glasses of Refracting Telescopes

By J. A. Brashear

The Chemistry of Cleaning

By Vivian Lewes

Amusing Toys

The Surprise Coffee Mill

The Eremuri



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