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The War between China and Japan

The External Color Decoration of Buildings

By T. G. Cesare Formilli

Artigue's Velvet Carbon Photographic Paper

The Scientific Applications of Photography

Textile Soaps

The Photo-Chronograph

A Ptomaine from Pleurisy Patients

By A. B. Griffiths

Fusion and Volatilization Produced by means of the Heat of the Electric Arc

By Henri Moissan

A Simple Way of Observing the Hardness of Water

Sophistications of Food

On some Organosols

By E. A. Schneider

Chemical Properties of the Mydriatic Alkaloids

By Theodore G. Wormley

The Fall of a Drop of Water

A New Treatment for Erysipelas

By W. V. Gage

The Emperor of Austria and his Grandchildren

Retirement of General Howard

Pronunciation of Words in Singing

By L. B. Parsons

Modern Developments of Harvey's Work

By T. Lauder Brunton

Smallpox and Vaccination

The Forests of Washington Territory

Physalis Francheti, Mast., Sp. Nov

The Lithographic Stone Quarries of Bavaria, Germany

By A. R. Crook

Antwerp: Its History—The Cathedral and Fete of the Assumption—The Steen—The Plantin Museum

Can Ants Talk?


Philibert Commerson, “The King's Naturalist”


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    November 24, 1894

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