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Railroad Precautions in Russia


Ball Bearing Axles and Rubber Tires

Railway Mileage of the World

Manufacture of Cheap Watches

A New Drawing Apparatus

The Measurement of Power

Brakes and Dynamometers

By G. D. Hiscox

The Theisen Moist Air Condenser

The Yaryan Evaporator for the Distillation of Sea Water upon Land

Practical Measurement of the Velocity of the Wind

An Improved Sail Rig for Vessels

A Guidable Parachute

Treatment of Auriferous Ores with Bromine

By C. Lossen

Experiments in Aeronautics

By Hiram S. Maxim

Portable Accumulators

Cart and Load Lifted

Electricity on Board Ship

By Alfred H. Gibbings

Atomic Volumes

By C. T. Blanshard

Improved Flat Image Lenses

The Possibility of Life in other Worlds

By Robert Ball

Holophane Globes

A New Apparatus for Administering Anesthetics

Imagination in Gardening

Fossilized Big Trees, California

By A. Lakes



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