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Electrolysis of Gold

A Semaphore Telegraph Station

New Alternating Current Arc Lamp

The Electrical Transformer

By Caryl D. Haskins

Reservoir Level Indicator

Mechanical Handling of Coal and Ashes

Gas Engines vs. Steam Engines

By A. Bollinckx

Berthon's Boats and Pontoons

Modern Photogravure Methods

By Horace Wilmer

The Duograph

Some Modern Methods of Lighting Compared

How Brass Musical Instruments are Made

The Manufacture of Carbide of Calcium by Electrolysis

Acetylene as an Illuminating Gas

A German View of the Subject

Improved Automatic Yarn Twister

The Flame Extinguishing Properties of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen

Combination Tones

Chemical Examination of some Commercial Varieties of Cacao

Contribution for the Chemical Laboratory of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. No. 138

By William E. Ridenour

Latent Heat of Evaporation of Water

Skee Races in Norway

Mind-Reading Test

Woman and the Wheel

By Just Championniere

The Florida Orange Industry

The Gegenschein

Yellow-Fruited Tomatoes



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