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The Long Island Water Basin—Brooklyn's Reservoir

By A. N. Bell

Extension of the Paris-Sceaux Railway

Induced Draught

By W. A. Martin

Machinery of H. M. S. Magnificent

Improvements in Tanning Skins and Hides

The Sand Blast Processes

By John J. Holtzapffel

An Electric Rudder Motor

An Electric Incubator

Portable Electric Drills

Radiant Tissue for Incandescent Gas Lamps

By F. De Mare

The Slit of a Spectroscope

By William Crookes

Isolation of Free Hydrazine, N2H4

Projections by the Oxyetheric Blowpipe

Chemical Behavior and use of Aluminum

Composition of the Extinctive Atmospheres Produced by Flames

By Frank Clowes

The Khmer Ruins of Siamese Cambodia

The Partition of Africa

Saturn's Rings

Penalties of Ignorance

Contributions to Science by Instructors

By Marcus Benjamin

Molasses used as Cattle Food




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