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The Effects of the Canal on the Commerce of the Lakes

The Old and the New

By Robert Allison

The Chicago Drainage Canal

Rustless Coatings for Iron and Steel

Paints: of What Composed, How Destroyed, Classification As True Pigments and Inert Substances, Adulterants, Etc

By M. P. Wood

The Production of Diastase and of an Alcoholic Ferment from Fungi

Detection of Blood Spots in Presence of Rust

By Herren Mecke and Wimmer

The Iodine Voltameter

Breath Figures

By J. G. McPherson

The Boston Electric Railway Subway

Binocular Photomicrography

By A. A. Adee

The Rarer Metals and their Alloys


The Action of Light on Animal Life

Corundum Deposits of Georgia

The scientific American Supplement.Index for Vol.39


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