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Military Gymnastics

The Seacoast Guns of the United States Service

Detroit River Dredging—Large Bowlders

The Intercontinental Railway Commission

By E. Z. Steever

A Line of Twenty-Eight Inch Cast-Iron Submerged Pipes across the Willamette River, at Portland, Ore

By Franklin Riffle and Albert S. Riffle

Vestibule Equipment

Rustless Coatings for Iron and Steel

Paints : Of what Composed, how Destroyed. Classification as True Pigments and Inert Substances, Adulterants, Etc

By M. P. Wood

The Development of the Experimental Study of Heat Engines

Molten Metal by Railway

Treatment of Roasted Gold Ores by means of Bromine

Improved Oil Filter

The Tin Plate Industry in the United States

Quicksilver Ores at Guadalcazar, Mexico

By W. H. Rundall

Water for Photography

By Duncan Moore

Orthochromatic Photography

Popular Errors about Electricity

By C. C. Haskins

The Functions of the Hairs of Plants

By J. Pentland-Smith

The Depths of Space

By Robert S. Ball


The Electric Light Bug

Prevention of Potato Disease


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