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The Paris-Bordeaux-Paris Race of Automobile Carriages

Drainage of Heating Coils and Steam pipes

Harrison's Elliptic cycle Gear

Foundations in Quicksands

Triple Expansion Corliss Engine, Frikart System

Syer's Apparatus for Raising Sunken Ships

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Tunnel at Baltimore

The Tin Plate Industry in the United States

Ducretet & Lejeune's Pole Finder

The First Important Trolley Decision

Magnetic Properties of Bodies at Different Temperatures

Industrious Dogs

The Dog Motor

The Post Office—Second-Class Matter

The Influence of the Locomotive

Preparation and Properties of Pure Melted Molybdenum

By Henri Moissan

Rock Simulating a Tiger

The use of Hot Air in Drying

By E. M. Cook

Dual Action of the Brain

By Samuel B. Lyon

Thomas Henry Huxley

True and False Perspective

Scorpions and their Antiquity

By R. Lydekker


The Colocynth


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    August 10, 1895