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Bursting of a Dam in the Vosges

Relics of Nelson Sold

Experimental Psychology

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psychological Laboratory at Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.; Member of the Neurological Society of London and of the American Psychological Association

By E. B. Titchener

Educational Progress among the Blacks of the South

By J. R. Preston

The Daimler Gas and Petroleum Motor

Ironclad Cars

By J. W. Greer

New Method of Fitting Shell and Deck Plating in Ships

Russian Waterways

Setting Pigeons Free at Sea

Improved Still

The Production of Aerated Waters on a small Scale

Mercurographic Methods of Photoengraving

By Thomas Bolas

Alarm for Apperly Feeds

Manufacture of White Pine Barrels

The Disposition of the Louisiana Molasses Crop

By W. C. Stubbs

Color Photography

The Place of Argon among the Elements

Electric Mining Plant

The Electrical Measurement of Starlight

The Rotation of the Earth

By M. F. O*amp*apos;Reilly

Pocket Gophers of the United States

White Blackberry Iceberg

Fifty Years among Birds

Parrots need Water

To the Editor of the Scientific American



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    August 17, 1895

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