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The: Voyage of the Antarctic to Victoria Land, in the Southern Polar Regions

Notes on Ruk and the Mortlock Islands

By Rev. F. M. Price

The Exploration of the Surface of the Globe

By J. Logan Lobley

The Greater Antiquity of Man

By Professor Joseph Prestwich

Petroleum in Peru

By H. Polakowsky

Is Life Universal?

The Hazels

Is the Inventive Faculty a Myth?

By W. H. Smyth

Hydraulic Swing Bridges, North Sea Canal

Valkyrie III

Irrigation in India

Salt Water Supply in San Francisco

The Great Dam of the Peryar, India

The Relation of Engineering to Economics

By William Kent

A Remarkable Water Power

The Singer Sewing Machine Company's Manufactory, Kilbowie, Scotland

Improved Centrifugal Apparatus

Trickery in Textiles

Petroleum from Blubber

By C. A. Lobry De Bruyn

Concerning Fuming Sulphuric Acid

By R. W. Hill

On the Preparation of Collodio- Chloride Paper

By G. H. Moss



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    September 21, 1895

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism