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The Evolution of Smokeless Powder

By Robert C. Schupphaus

The French Battleship Bouvines

Roth's Method of Firing Mine Shots

Excavator used on the North Sea Canal Works

Electric Carriage with Fulmen Accumulators

Finishing Fabrics and Paper by Electricity

The Ether

The Gas Calorimeter

Agricultural Chemistry

By H. W. Wiley

The Physical Constants of Argon

Absorption Bands of Atmospheric Oxygen

The Photographic Halo


By J. G. McPherson

Facts about Trichina Spiralis, the Pork Parasite

By John Michels

Historical Eulogy on Laplace

By Baron Fourier

The Monument to Boussingault

Tramps as Human Beings

By Morrison I. Swift

Gilli's Congress of Dogs

The American Crow

Hardy Bamboos

The Runner's Reaction Time

The Geographical Distribution of the Mollusca

The Thumb as an Initial Factor of Civilization

By W. R. Whitehead


The use of the Bicycle


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