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The Brewing Academy, Chicago

Apparatus for Registering Music

Practical Advice for the Direct Photographing of Colors According to the Lippmann Method

Dry Insulator for the Detection of Leakages of Gas

The Castner Chlorine Process

The Panoramic Photo-Field Glass

The La Burt Electric Railway Conduit

Sigismund Schuckert

Kirkaldy's Feed Water Heater

The Canadian Ship Canal Lock at Sault Ste Marie

Ball Spur Gearing

Elevator for Unloading Coal Boats

The Brighton Dike Aerial Ropeway

The America Cup

The Loss of the Spanish War Ship Sanchez Barcaiztegui

The Peary Auxiliary Expedition of 1894

The Arctic Expedition of 1895, and Lieutenant Peary's Work

The Ascent of Kilauea

By Edward Everett

The Hippelates Plague in Florida

By E. A. Schwarz

Poisoning from Cowbane

By L. H. Pammel

Siam Gamboge

The Olive in California

The Cypresses of Schio, Province of Vicenza, Italy


By Frederick Wiggin

On Oysters and Typhoid

Antiseptics in Ointments

The Hermite Process of Deodorizing Sewage at Ipswich

By J. Napier

Formic Aldehyd; Its Detection in Milk, and Value as a Preservative

By R. T. Thomson

Atomic Weights

By F. W. Clarke



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