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Louis Pasteur

Ulcers of the Leg: All can be Cured

By Carter S. Cole

Inoculation for Cholera

Liquid Air, a Commercial Commodity

A Partial Glossary of Fodder Terms

By E. B. Holland

H. M. S. Majestic

The Mining Schools of Germany

Car Ferries

Chronograph for Street Railways

Strength of Bridge and Trestle Timbers

The Central London Railway

A Novel Conveyor

Improved Depositing Dock

The Manufacture of Acetylene

On the Sensitizing Action of Dyes on Gelatino-Bromide Plates


By C. H. Bothamley

Who is Entitled to the Name Inventor?

By T. W. Graham

Useful Hints for Wheelers

How to Learn to Ride a Wheel without the Aid of an Instructor or a Helper

The Science of Examining

By Peter T. Austen

Oak Forests of the Southeast Atlantic States

Robber Birds of Central Park

Antelope in the Berlin Zoological Garden

Luminous Animals

By Thomas R. R. Stebbing

The Kea, the Sheep-Eating Parrot of New Zealand

Early Life Forms

Bathing in Ancient Rome and its Effects on Roman Character

By Arthur Inkersley

Visibility of the Dark Hemisphere of Venus

Fruit Drying



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