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British Feeling on the American Crisis

A New Fossil Plant in the Coal Measures of New South Wales

Floating Sand—An Unusual Mode of River Transportation

A Curious Case of Commensalism

The African Atherura

Some Effects of Frost

By W. E. Partridge

The Arc Light

Lecture I.—Continued

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Electrically Driven Twin Punching Machine

Flexible Shaft with Ball Joints

Triple Expansion Engine-Frikart's System

Snow Shed Fire Protection

The New Bridge across the Danube at Chernavoda

H. M. S. Jupiter

The Catastrophe of Bouzey

Megass and Refuse Furnaces

By William Price Abell

An Electric Refrigerating Machine

Sodium in Aluminum

Tarpon Fishing in Florida

Technical Education

By H. H. Simmons

Spanish Troops in Cuba

The Nature of Chemical Change and the Conditions Which Determine It

A Portable Phonograph

Camphor Making in Formosa



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    February 01, 1896