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Experiments on the Action of Flameless Explosives upon Fire Damp and Coal Dust

Influence of the Chemical Nature of Substances, and their Permeability by the Roentgen Rays

By Maurice Meslans

On the Utility of Photographs in Human Pathology taken by means of the X Rays

By MM. Lannelongue, Barthelemy and Oudin

The Cathode Rays

By Jean Perrin

Permeability of Metals for the X Rays

By V. Chabaud

Experiments with Roentgen's Rays

By Albert Nodon

On the Application of Roentgen's Rays in Surgical Diagnosis

By MM. Lannelongue and Oudin

Certain Properties of Roentgent's Rays

By Jean Perrin

Electrical Phenomena Produced by the Roentgen Rays

By A. Righi

Proofs Obtained by means of Roentgen's Procedures

By H. Dufour

On the Depression of Explosive Potentials Static and Dynamic by the X Rays

By M. R. Swyngedauw

Edison's Roentgen Rays Experiments

By Edwin J. Houston and A. E. Kennelly

Acetylene Apparatus

By T. O*amp*apos;Conor Sloane

Strength of European Armies

Selected Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

The Porcelain Works at Meissen

Paint as a Protection for Iron

By E. A. Custer and F. P. Smith

Mechanical Road Carriages

[Cantor Lectures before the Society of Arts.] Lecture III.

By W. Worby Beaumont

How to Build a Miniature Yacht

By W. J. Henderson

The Story of Helium

Chapter II.

By J. Norman Lockyer


On Vivisection

By Theophilus Parvin


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