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M. De Morgan's Discoveries at Dahshur

Intermittent Springs

By Walter C. Garretson

The Chilean Bellflowers

With the Northern Cheyennes

By Herman Hall

Periodical Comets Due in 1896

By W. T. Lynn

The Transvaal-Its Mineral Resources

By J. Logan Lobley

Determination of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere

Uses of Monazite in Europe

Increase of the Photographic Yield of the Roentgen Rays by means of Phosphorescent Zinc Sulphide

By Charles Henry

The Photography of Metallic Objects through Opaque Substances, by means of the Brush of an Induction Coil without a Crookes Tube

By G. Moreau

On a Mechanical Action Emanating from the Crookes Tube Analogous to the Photographic Action Discovered by Roentgen

By MM. Gossart and Chevalier

Recent Researches upon the Propagation of Sounds

On the Passage of the Roentgen Rays through Liquids

By MM. Bleunard and Labesse

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Mechanical Road Carriages

[Cantor Lectures before the Society of Arts.] Lecture III—Continued.

By W. Worby Beaumont

Motor Vehicle Tests

The Engineers Submit their Report of the Tests made at Chicago—Valuable Data for Makers and Users Alike.

Home made Photographic Accessories

The United States and Cuban Belligerency

Irrigation by Windmills


The Hydraulic Merry-Go-Round

The New Industrial South


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    April 11, 1896

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