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The Crystal Palace Exhibition—Randolph's Steam Coach

Machines for Composing Letterpress Printing Surfaces

By John Southward

Compound Marine Boilers

By Col. N. Soliani

An Old Newcomen Steam Engine

Economy of Mechanical Traction for Street Railways

Honigmann's Method of Boring Mine Shafts

The Link Movement Engine

The Toning of Bromide Prints

By J. Pike

Selected Formulæ

Miscellaneous Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Automatic Firing Guns


By Hiram Stevens Maxim

The Bessemer Process Again —Reply of Joseph D. Weeks to His Critics

To the Editor of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN :

The Chemical Laboratories of Germany


By A. B. Prescott

The Chemistry of the Siemens Furnace

By A. M. Dick and C. S. Padley

The Drawing of Lots in Connection with the Redemption of the Bonds of Paris

The Insignia of the Russian Empire

Some Mariners' Myths

The Measurement of High Temperatures



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