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Notes on Clouds

The Hereditary Transmission of Micro-Organisms

Berthelot's Contributions to the History of Chemistry

Selected Formulæ

On the Diffraction and the Polarization of the Roentgen Rays

By G. Sagnac

On the Mechanical Action Emanating from Crookes Tubes

By A. Fontana and A. Umani

Miscellaneous Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

The Fiftieth Anniversary Number of the Scientific American

Thames Paddle Steamer Southend Belle

Construction of the New Clichy Collecting Sewer

Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machines

Notes on Conveying-Belts and their Use

By Thomas Robins

Armies of the World

The “Goddaughter of the Fairies”

Dead Cities of the Fayum

The Gold Tiara of the Scythian King Saitapharnes now in the Louvre

Ruins of Prehistoric Koptos

Chewing Gum

The Ankle Joint in Man, and the Inheritance of Acquired Characters

The Preparation of Textile Fabrics for Photographic Printing

By W. Ethelbert Henry

Manufacture of Glass Tubes

On the Rational Manufacture of Ink



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