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Proposed Great Terrestrial Globe

The New Museum of Egyptian Antiquities at Cairo

Archæological Remains in Arizona

Sun Symbols in Ancient Egypt

By F. W. Read

Edible Snails in Europe


Vegetation versus Light

The Shade Tree Insect Problem in the Eastern United States

Freaks, as Pertaining to Diseases of the Skin

By James C. McGuire

Selected Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Japanese Railroads

By Gerard Lowther

Petroleum Road Carriages

Bicycle Hub Forming Lathe

Traction Systems of Continental Europe

Cugnot's Steam Carriage

Transportable Installation of Electric Lighting

How Rubber Stamps are Made

Manufacture of Condensed Milk in Switzerland

Electrolytic Manufacture of White Lead

By R. P. Williams

The Levavasseur Fexible Metallic Tubes

$250 Prize Essay Competition—Progress of Invention during the past Fifty Years

Third Prize, won by “Investigator” (George M. Hopkins)

The Sleeping Fakirs at Budapest

The Defense of our Maritime Frontiers

Statue of Bismarck in the International Art Exhibition in Berlin

Action of the X Rays upon Electrized Bodies

By L. Benoist




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    August 08, 1896