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The Gorilla

The Law which Underlies Protective Coloration in Animals

Mosquitoes and Fleas

The Foldings of the Rocks

By J. Logan Lobley

Recent Deep Sea Dredgings

The use of Oxalic Acid in Preserving the Color of Dried Plants

By J. Henry Schroeder

Gigantic Trees

Betel Chewing

By Rodney H. True

Past and Present Tendencies in Engineering Education

By Mansfield Merriman

Lautenschlager's New Revolving Stage

Dr. Booth's Motor Cab in Completed Form

The Origin of Pneumatic Tires

Electro Deposition of Nickel

By J. Warren Hartley

Selected Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Nansen's Achievements

The Alpine Afterglow

The Bridges-Lee Surveying Camera

$250 Prize Essay Competition—The Progress of Invention during the past Fifty Years

By A. Malcolm

Ernst Curtius

Recent Applications of Acoustics to Medicine


Mediæval Military Surgery


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