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Errors in our Food Economy

The Colors Named in Literature

What the Sea has Taken

The de Dion and Bouton Road Motor

The Waste of Shipping

From New York to Havre in a Rowboat

New Methods of Building Construction at Paris

Belleek China

Goodman's Hatchet Planimeters

Apparatus for the Manufacture of Acetylene Gas

Device for the Display of Lantern Slides

The Feculometer

An Air Bath

By J. H. Coste

The Coming Light

Firedamp Testing Station at Marchienne-Au-Pont

Photography for Chemists

Lantern Slides by Reduction

Precious Stones

By Henry A. Miers

A Research on the Liquefaction of Helium

Some Notes on Spiders

By Samuel Barber

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

The Great Krupp Works

Selected Formulæ


Physics without Apparatus


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