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Jackson and Nansen in the White North


The Development of Michigan Archæology

By Harlan I. Smith

A Capture of Elephants in Siam

Neptune's Jubilee Year

By Robert Ball

Commercial and Industrial Progress in Japan

Selected Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

In a Flour Testing Laboratory

Vertical and Horizontal Planing Machine

Finishing Glosses for Leather Workers Etc.

To finish the edges of books

The Simplex Ice-Making Machine

Apparatus for the Manufacture of Acetylene Gas

Suggestions in Wood Working for Amateurs

Alternate Current Transformers

Lecture I. the action of the Transformer

By J. A. Fleming

Automatic Lighter and Extinguisher

Electricity in the Theater

An Interrupted Stitch by a Continuous Method

By Campbell Ford

Relation of Medicine and Pure Science


The Human Body as Shown by the Roentgen Rays


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    October 10, 1896

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