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Timbuctoo: Its Commerce and Life

On Periodicity of Good and Bad Seasons

Ferula Fœtida

Japan's Cheapest Labor

ROBERT P. PORTER writes from Osaka, Japan, to the New York Sun as follows:

A Tidal Wave in Japan

Life in the Moon

By Prince Kropotkin

Floating of Metals on Liquids

By A. M. Mayer

The French Motor Carriage Race

The Pelton Water Wheel at the North Star Power Plant

A Large Facing and Boring Lathe

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Construction of a Tesla-Thomson High Frequency Coil

By A. F. McKissick

Selected Formulæ

Alternate Current Transformers

Lecture III. The Testing of Transformers

By J. A. Fleming

Fish Nets

Some Account of their Construction and the Application of the Various Forms in American Fisheries.

By C. H. Augur

Gold Extraction Processes

By T. K. Rose



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