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Opening of the Danube to Navigation

Machine which with a Portion of the Water of a Spring Raises another Portion to a Considerable Height

Domon's Velometer

New Lathe Attachments

Austrian Torpedo Boat Viper

French Quick Firing Field Guns

Marbling the Edges of Books

The Manufacture of Chlorine

Wealth Based upon Elastic Gum

Alternate Current Transformers

The Testing of Transformers

By J. A. Fleming

Recent Advances in Milk Investigations

By H. W. Wiley

Some Electric Motors at the Nuremberg Exposition

A Short Method of Determining Carbon in Steel

Borings and Turnings in the Foundry

Selected Formulæ

Miscellaneous Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes


School Gardens in Russia

The History of the Great Lakes and Niagara

By Andrew J. Herbertson


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