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Medico-Mechanical Gymnastics

By A. Levertin

Prophecies of Bacilli

Effect of Heat upon Animals

The Effects of Snuff on the Human System

Relative Motion of the Stars in the Line of Sight

Prehistoric European Art

Phœnician Mining

Preservation of Color in Museum Specimens

Tests of Exploded Cylinders for Compressed Hydrogen Gas

Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S

The British Association—Anthropology

The Dairy Show

The New Psychology

The International Psychological Congress of 1896.

By Herbert Ernest Cushman

Historical and Technical Sketch of the Origin of the Bessemer Process

By Henry Bessemer

The Removal of Iron from Drinking Water

Motor for Driving Centrifugal Pump

Freezing Points of Organic Compounds and of Alcohol

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Selected Formulæ

The Relation of the Modern System of Industry to Intellectual Development

Hand Camera and Novel Focal Plane Shutter

Mr. Griffith on the Testing of Smokeless Powders



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    December 05, 1896

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