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A Wrapping Machine

Turret Deck Steamers

Rack Rail Locomotives—Bosnia and Herzegovina State Railways

Feed Pumps for Water Tube Boilers

Kilbourn's Refrigerating Machine

Aluminum for Passenger Cars

The Scotte Steam Omnibus

A Two Hundred Foot Gantry Crane

By John W. Seaver

City and Suburban Houses for the People

Good Roads by Bad Men

Australian Frozen Flowers

The Influence of Steel Construction and Plate Glass upon Modern Style

Selected Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Some Curious Watches

The Callendar & Griffiths Self-Testing Resistance Box

Search for Solar X Rays on Pike's Peak

By Florian Cajori

The Two Indian Pygmies in Casten's Panoptikum, in Berlin

The Interdependence of Human Functions

By Edwin Wooton

Artificial Diamonds from Steel

Second Sight

By James Bartlett



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    December 12, 1896