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Irrigation in Yakima County, Washington

By A. B. Wyckoff

The Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America

Mountain Observatories

In Unexplored Alaska

By Father Tosi

Exploration of Seriland

A Team of Zebras

The Serpents of Java

Municipal Playgrounds

The Monolithic Churches of Lalibela (Abyssinia)

Selected Formulæ

The Utility of the Vacuum

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Canet's Duplex Mounting for Quick Firing Guns

The Fleets of Nations

Evolution of the Stove

Eaves' Helical Induced Draught

The First Horseless Hack in Paris

Earthquakes, the Pulse, Nerve Waves, and Telepathy

By Vaughan Cornish

The Therapeutics of Exercise

By A. G. Clopton

The Eyesight of Children

Languages taught by Phonograph



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    January 16, 1897

    Confronting Common Wisdom