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The British First-Class Battleship Prince George

Traffic on Asphalt

The Tunnel under the Spree, near Treptow

The Water Power of the Drainage and Ship Canal, and its Transmission to Chicago

By H. S. Putnam

Home-Made Graduated Measures

Selected Formulæ

Printing out Weak Spots in Negatives

By N. Monroe Hopkins

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

A Petroleum Irrigation Pump

Thirty Ton Steam Locomotive Crane

The De Dion & Bouton Gasoline Tricycle

The Presence and Significance of Bacteria in Air, Water and Food, and their Relation to Health

Nashville, Tenn., Professor of General, Descriptive and Surgical Anatomy and Microscopy in the Medical Department of the University of Tennessee

By William D. Sumpter

The Toxic Effects of Tobacco

By W. Crock

A New Fluorescent Substance

By Leon Bertrand

Vanadium and some of its Uses

By John M. Tobin

Cryptoscope Screens

Copper from Green Water

Fiske's Helm Indicator and Steering Telegraph

Electric, Lighting of Avenue De L'opera, Paris

The Temperature of Incandescent Lamp Filaments

Scenery of the Moon

By Robert Ball Lowndes

Meteorology in Schools

A Novel Experiment on Vegetation

The Orchid Disa Pulchra, Sonder

Sweden's Great Exhibition

A Strange Island

Gulf of St. Lawrence Tides

Pasteur's Tomb


Prediction of Earthquakes by Animals


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    January 23, 1897

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