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The Coke Industry

Boiler Scale and its Cure

Aerial Photography by Kites

The Coldrenick Viaduct Disaster

The Transsiberian Railway

Selected Formulæ

A Convenient Metric Conversion Table

Miscellaneous Notes

Electrical Notes

Engineering Notes

Independent Surface Condensing Plant

The Pretot Motor Carriage

Transmission of Motion in Bicycles

Rope Driving

By Abram Combe

A New Invention for the Utilization of Wave Power

Improvements in Opera and Field Glasses

The Optic Lobes of the Bee's Brain

By F. C. Kenyon

The Beaver

Nocturnal and Diurnal Changes in the Color of Certain Fishes, with Notes on their Sleeping Habits

By A. E. Verrill

How to Observe an Earthquake

By Charles Davison

The Nesopithecus, or Fossil Monkey of Madagascar

The Social Customs of the Zulus

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the use of Sterilized Milk for Infant feeding



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