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The Bouvet and her Ninety-Nine Thousand Pound Gun

Twenty-Five Ton Portable Self-Propelling Steam Cranes at South Shields

A Presidential Car

Use of Compressed Air in Railroad Shops

The Greatest Steamer in the World

A Railway Hospital Car

Power Required for Electrically Operated Woodworking Machinery

Six-Pole Seven-Kilowatt Dynamo

Electrical Plant, London Central Railway

Areas of Disease

Wire Buildings for Telephones

By Herbert Laws Webb

Suburban Railway Stations

Some Novel uses for Artificial Refrigeration

Joux's Photographic Amplifier

Electrical Notes

Selected Formulæ

Miscellaneous Notes

The Propagation and Distribution of Food Fishes

Bivalves and Tooth Shells

Living Barometers

A New Classification of Stellar Spectra

Modern Losses in Battle

The Relation of Hypnotism to the Subconscious Mind

By George E. Bill

The Pirates of Morocco

Smith's Improved Method of Grafting

The Significance of Holes in Archæology



The Klondike Gold Fields


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    July 31, 1897