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The Captive Balloon in the Navy

Possible Steamship Service between New York and Tangier

A New System of throwing High Explosives

By Hudson Maxim

Tests of the Strong Balanced Locomotive at Purdue University

American Horses for Germany

The Automatic Ignition of Gas

The Strength of Ladders

Electrical Notes

Selected Formulæ

Engineering Notes

The Dortmund-Ems Canal

The Utilization of Aluminum in the Arts

Advice to Builders of Electric Railways

By G. Whitefield Chance

Electric Plowing

Nutritive Value of Food

Snuff Inebriety

Germany's Industrial Growth

Do we take Too much Acid Food?

Cannibalism in Ancient Egypt

The Iguanas in the Zoo at Leipzig

The Theater of Insects

By John H. Lovell

Utah Uintaite Deposits

The Reproduction of the Eel

By Henry De Varigny

The Coryanthes

Are Men of Genius Degenerates?



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