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Steam Yacht for the English Ambassador at Constantinople

American Naval Engineers

Review of the Progress of the Halftone Process in the Year 1896

By Count Vittorio Turati

The Manufacture of Briquette Fuel

A Comparison in the Methods of Working Brass and Aluminum

Large Hydraulic Riveter for Locomotive Boilers

Machine for Raising Water from a River to the Height of the Half Diameter of a Large Wheel

The Commerce of the Great Lakes

By Charles E. Wheeler

A Gallant Regiment

Selected Formulæ

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Automatic Weapons

Electric Towage on Canals

Radius of Action of Electric Motor Carriages

Beeswax Assay

International Meteorological Conferences

By Robert H. Scott

Signora Zefthe Ahaira

The Canoes of the Menomini Indians

A Naturalists Sojourn in the Crater of Mauna Loa

Acanthopanax Sessiliflorum

A Word to Mail Subscribers

On Computing the Radii of an Achromatic Objective

By Charles L. Woodside

A Profitable Specialty—The Manufacture and Sale of Furniture Polish

Methods of Determining the Economic Productivity of Municipal Enterprises



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    December 11, 1897