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The Artificial Silk Industry

A New Basis for Photo-Mechanical Processes

Gutta Percha—Its Properties and Uses

Railroading as a Profession

The Portuguese Cruiser “Adamastor”

Armored Cupola for Fort Waelhem

Machine for Throwing Grenades with Greater Accuracy and to a Greater Distance than can be done by Hand

The Clinker Filter

A Course of Instruction in Road Building

A Hydraulic Engine

By Arthur Rigg

The New Palaces of the Champs Elysees

The Bank of France

Electric Arc Injurious to Eyesight

An Athletic Feat

The Modern Novelist and Medical Subjects

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering Notes

Selected Formulæ

An Improved Sunshine Recorder

By D. T. Maring

Modern Views of the Rainbow

The Effect of the “Bora” in the Duga Pass, Montenegro

Falize's Bust of Gallia

The Magnetic Properties and Electrical Resistance of Iron at High Temperatures


Eduard Lindemann and Oscar Stumpe

A Humbug—Art Versus Nature

By George Archie Stock well

A Readable Account of the Manufacture of Lactic Acid



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