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Generating Plant at Madrid

Trolley Lighters for the Chicago River

By Angus S. Hibbard

American Machinery in Great Britain

“The Engineer's” Account of the Naval Battle at Santiago

Robinson's Upright Sawing Machine

The Chapman-Hunter Pocket Pitchometer

The Atlas oil Engine

The Unexpected, which often Happens

James Watt and the Discovery of the Composition of Water

The Wine of France

The Manufacture of Perfumes at Grasse

Modern Views Regarding Consumption

A Sanitary Barber Shop

Electrical Notes

Miscellaneous Notes

Engineering notes

Is there any Excuse for Collisions at Sea?

Official Reports of the Destruction of the Span is Fleet off Santiago

Toronto Magnetic Observatory

By R. F. Stupart

Papery-Spined Opuntias


Glazed Paper and the Eyesight

Palm Kernels—A New Industry


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