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Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands

World's Savings Banks

Fruit Preserving

Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, and Gooseberry Jams and Preserves-Choice and Preparation of the Fruit

By Henry Esmond

Waxen Images

An Electric Fire Extinguisher

Object Lesson Roads

A New Mechanical Motion

Machine for Propelling a Boat by means of Paddles with Considerable Speed and without Employing many Men

Uses of the Gas Engine

Engineering Notes

Selected Formulæ

Miscellaneous Notes

High Explosives and Smokeless Powders and their Applications in Warfare

By Hudson Maxim

Some New Hand Cameras

Ships' Cranes

Wart Hog Surprised by a Leopard

Experiments on Animal Intelligence

Typhoid Fever in Porto Rico

The Development of Photography in Astronomy


Buddleia Variabilis

Recent Study of Prehistoric Man in Europe

The Fire Department of the City of Rome

Liquid Air

The Cannibal Blacks of Northwestern Australia

Regulator for Instruments for Registering the Direction of the Wind



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