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The New Cruiser for Japan

Domestic Coke and Briquettes from Retort Coke Ovens

By R. M. Atwater

Special Governor for Heavy Engines

Hydraulic Intensifier Pump for Large Tunneling Shields

Submarine Survey

Sounding Machines

By Charles Bright

The Constitution of the Electric Spark

By Arthur Schuster and G. Hemsalech

Human Hair Industry in France

Device for Emptying Bottles

The Disinfection of Rooms by Means of Formic Aldehyde

Electrical Notes

Selected Formulze

Engineering Notes

Experimental Contributions to the Theory of Heredity

The Removal of the Remains of Columbus

The Russian Monument at San Stefano

The Natural History of Cordierite and its Associates

Concerning the Theory of Evolution

The Paris Metropolitan Railroad

Advice to Exporters to China

Apparatus for Consuming Smoke.—II

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Cast Iron

By R. Moldenke



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