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The Last West Indian Tornado

The Progress of Science and its Results

The Effect of Increasing Knowledge on Man

By Michael Foster

Electrical Machinery on Board Ship

Unwatering the Comstock Lode

By L. P. Gratacap

Mechanical Perpetual Calendar

Machine for Notching out the Ends of Girders

The Improved Goubet Submarine Torpedo Boat

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Trade Notes and Receipts

Miscellaneous Notes

On the Manufacture of Nitrite of Soda

By M. A. Darbon

Exercises in Horseback Riding Among the Chasseurs of Africa

Fixation of Carbon by Plants

Formosan Camphor Industry

The Replacement of Fluids into the Track of Moving Bodies

An Acoustical Method for the Determination of the Melting Point of Fats and Waxes

By Edwin Dowzard

The Olfactory Nerve Track

Upholsterer Bees

Evolution of Technical Education in Economics, Politics, and Statecraft

And the Work of the Franklin Institute during Seventy-Five Years

By Robert H. Thurston

Abutilon Vitifolium

Oldest Poem in the World


Tides of Chesapeake Bay


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