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The Sewerage Problem of the City of Worcester, Massachusetts

The Electric Process of Annealing Armor Plate in the Construction of Warships

By Charles J. Dougherty

Compound Road Locomotives for the War Office

The Robinson Shaft Governor

Railways in the Philippines

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Mammoth Cave Maps

Miscellaneous Notes

Trade Notes and Receipts

Selected Formulæ

English Artillery in the Transvaal

A Novel Application of Electric Heat

By E. J. Hart

Destroyers for the Japanese Navy

The Submarine Torpedo-Boat “Le Goubet”

The Classification of Warships

By Fred. T. Jane

The Warfare of the Future

The Bird Stone Ceremonial

Is the Steering of the Modern Screw Propelled Vessel Defective?

By Cornelius W. McKay

Cupric Sulphate as a Remedy for Mildew

A Smokeless Magnesium Powder and New Flash-Lamp

Tooth Powders

By W. A. Dawson



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