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The Future Wheat Problem

The Facilities afforded by the Office of Standard Weights and Measures for the Verification of Electrical Standards and Electrical Measuring Apparatus

The Burning of the Theatre Francais

Walking as a Tonic and Pastime

600 Horse Power Blast-Furnace Gas Motor and Blowing Engine

Downie's Patent Piston Rings

Apparatus for Lifting Rails

Machinery Labor-Saving, Labor- Creating or Labor-Killing?

Machine for Operating a Pile Driver by means of the Current of a River

The Poison in our Food

A Simple Illumination Photometer

Art and Fashion among the Pahouins

Forest Conditions in the Klondike

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

The Meerschaum Pipe Centenary

Miscellaneous Notes

Brinton Memorial Chair in the University of Pennsylvania

Trade Notes and Receipts

Chemical Manures Applied to Fruit Trees

Photographic Novelties

New Fireproof Material in Germany

The Relation between the Periodic changes of Solar Activity and the Earth's Motion

The Vedovelli and Priestley Cab

The German Antarctic Expedition

New Books


Roadside Fruit Trees


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    April 14, 1900