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The French Navy

American Engineering Competition

The Westinghouse Gas Engines

A Curious Clock

Wireless Telephony

Warm Water to Determine Sensitiveness to Heat

Trade Notes and Receipts

Antiquity of Agriculture

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Swimming Exercises of the Prussian Army

The progress of science and invention

Contemporary Electrical Science

Remarkable Effects of the Indian Earthquake

Facts about “Militarism.”

Inaugural Address

By William Turner

Commercial Relations between the United States and Spain

Indian Coal

Roman and Gallo-Roman Flour Mills

Ashanti Fetishes and Oracles

Roupellia Grata

Chemical and Technical Education in the United States

By C F Chandler


Preservation and use of Gelatine Rollers

The Briar Root Industry in Italy


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    October 06, 1900