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Section of Agriculture and Alimentation, Paris Exposition

The Eucalyptus

By Nicolas Pike

The Zenitho-Nadiral Telescope

Tin in Ancient and Modern Times

Discovery of the Oldest Known Letters in the World

Physical Growth in the Child

Sven Hedin's Travels in Thibet

By H. L. Geissel

Heat under Alpine Snow

The Scottish National Antarctic Expedition

By William S. Bruce

Symbolic Rocks of Newbury and Byfield, Mass

By Horace C. Hovey

Education in Japan

The Feats of a Trained Deer

Helical Vacuum Discharge

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Pan-American Exposition Notes

Trade Notes and Receipts

A New Compound Locomotive

By John Riekie

Some Printing Machines at the Paris Exhibition

A Collapsible Centering for the Construction of Arched Conduits

Fusible Plugs

How Crucibles are Made

By H. C. Hovey

New Method of Producing High Temperatures

The Amber Fishers of the Baltic



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    November 24, 1900

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