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Conversion of Phosphorus into Arsenic

By F. Fittica

Disposal of House Refuse in Bradford

Restoring St. Mark's, Venice

The Last of Moreau-Vauthier's “Parisienne.”

Naval Gun Circuits

The Lac Industry of Assam

The Carbide and Acetylene Industries in Germany

Candle and Soap Manufacture at the Paris Exhibition

Cold Iron Sawing Machine

Net Cost of the Horse Power Hour with Various Motive Force

The Calendoli Composing Machine

The Canals of Mars

By M. A. Orr

The Foothills of Colorado

By H. A. Crafts

Information concerning the Angora Goat

The Spruce Gum Harvest

The California Orange Crop

The Oregon Hop Industry

By Joseph A. Hill

Tomatoes and Cantaloupes in Europe

Saving Stonehenge

Snow upon Railways

American Engineering Progress

Cardboard, Boxwood and Ivory Clocks

Practical Forestry in the Adirondacks

By B. E. Fernow

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Trade Notes and Receipts


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