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Observation of the Solar Eclipse Carried on by the Astrophysical Observatory, Smithsonian Institution

Machine for Raising Water from a River to the Height of the Diameter of a Large Wheel

The Miner's Inch

Machinery and the Man

By Alexander E. Outerbridge

A Novel Fire Escape

Gasoline Engines for Sailing Vessels

Exposition of Automobiles at Brussels

Mechanical Traction in Paris.—II

A Historical Sketch of Slag Cement

By William Kendrick Hatt

Method of Determining and Expressing the Fastness of Colors to Light

Dugong Hunting in the Torres Straits

Seismology in Japan

The Social Service of Science

Women Inventors

Contemporary Electrical Science

The Saint-Chamond Coast Guns

A New Connection between the Gravity Measures of Europe and of the United States

Electrically Operated Punching Presses

Some Practical Laboratory Devices

By Fred k T. Gordon

Why we have the Balance of Trade

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Trade Notes and Receipts



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    May 25, 1901

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism