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Open-Hearth Steel Melting Furnaces

Interest in Colonial Matters

Art Canons—Historic and Prehistoric

By Thomas Wilson


Keyseaters at the Glasgow Exhibition

A Few Common Boiler Troubles

By R. A. Douglass

Patent Cylinders for Single-Acting Ram Pumps

Recent Studies of Old Italian Volcanoes

Coal in the Arctic Regions

Prof. Adams' Lectures on the Lunar Theory

By P. H. Cowell

The Largest Known Dinosaur

Effect of Iron Sulphate on Vegetation

Automobiling in the West

By Charles B. Shanks

New Type of River Gunboat

Charcoal Production and Recovery of By-Products in Germany

By Mason

Is Alcohol a Food, a Poison, or Both?

By John Madden

Domestic Purification of Potable Water

The “Ark” Lamp

The Reversal of the Photographic Image by Continued Action of Light

Selected Formulæ

Contemporary Electrical Science

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls

Mining on the Klondike


Trade Notes and Receipts


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