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Use of Steel in Concrete Construction

Vanishing Venice

By Alfredo Melaxi

Fatalities of Mountaineering

Progress in Aluminothermy

Apparatus for Making small Maps

By H. M. Giltay

The International Petroleum Congress

Improving Circulation in Boilers

Coal-Weighing and Recording Machine

Fruit in the Assuagement of Thirst

Results of Dr. Doty's Mosquito Campaign

Methods of Curing Tobacco

Curing Bright Yellow Tobacco

By Milton Whitney

A Remnant of Buddha's Body

The First Submarine Boat

California Grape Growers Uneasy

Marine and Estuarine Deposits

The Cluchagne System of Military Rafts and Bridges

The British Association at Glasgow

Electric Drill

Albany and Hudson Third-Rail Road

The Steam Coach in 1825

By Robert I. Clegg

American Locomotives in England—VI

Selected Formulæ

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Trade Notes and Receipts


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