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The Boston Elevated Railway

By J. A. Stewart

The Protection of Fire and Police Telegraph Systems from High-Tension Currents and Lightning

By Walter M. Petty

Contemporary Electrical Science

Four-Motor Equipments

When to use a Color Screen

Why does Modern Leather Rot?

The Bursting of Fowling Pieces


Solubility of Shellac in Alkaline Solutions

Ether Wave Lengths

Barium Preparations

Electrometallurgy of Lead

The Measurement of Sediment

Respiration of the Olive

Liverpool's Threatened Rival

By James Boyle

Lamont's Feed Pumps

The Caisson at the Kiel Drydock

The British Association at Glasgow

Intercrossing and Interbreeding as Causes of Variation

Roman Oculist Seals

Recent Discoveries in Armenia

Care Bestowed by Fishes upon their Young

The Date Palms of Biskra

The Mechanism of a Sunset

By Arthur H. Bell

Development of the Sense of Smell

Petrified Oak in Russia

Potassium from Feldspar

The Thunderstorm: A New Explanation of One of its Phenomena

By Byron McFarland

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Trade Notes and Receipts


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