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M. Santos-Dumont Wins the Deutsch Prize

Acetylene Gas in Germany and Sweden

Tobacco Culture in Haiti

Selected Formulæ

Prof Rudolph Virchow

Address in Economic Science and Statistics before the British Association

Gigantic Map of Paris

A Military Bakery Automobile

Factors of Safety

By Robert Henry Smith

Modern German Fire Engines


Contemporary Electrical Science

The Berlin-Zossen High-Speed Electric Railway


By D. J. Cunningham

Address in Geography before the British Association

Marble in Alaska

Recent Improvements in the Lighting and Buoying of the Coasts of France

By baron quinette de rochemont, Inspecteur-General des Ponts et chaussees, Directeur du Service des Phares, M. Inst. C. E

Reflex Action and Instinct

By W. Benthall

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Trade Notes and Receipts


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