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The Carrara Marble Industry

The Mining and Working of Gold

The Forum Excavations at Rome


Lamps, Burners and Heating Apparatus at the Paris Alcohol Exposition

Physical and Chemical Properties of Alcohol and Petroleum

Investigation of Certain Chemical Reactions Determined by Radium

The Portland Cement Industry in Michigan

Contemporary Electrical Science

The Telpherage System of Electric Traction

A Fueling Scow

Modern Tariff Systems

The Horse Trade of the United States with Foreign Countries

Good Beaver Engineering


The French Navy

A Novel High-Duty Pumping Engine of the Compensating Type

By Charles L. Heisler

The Application of Liquid Fuel to Battleships and the Commercial Marine

Forced Lubrication

Trade Notes and Recipes

Trade Suggestions from United States Consuls


Selected Formulæ


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